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We have a variety of classes, private lessons, and behavioural seminars to suit your unique needs.

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Boise Dog Sports specializes in helping you train the dog you have so that you can have the dog you dream of.

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Private Lessons

Providing customised 1:1 training for fast solutions to a wide variety of behavior problems.

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Feisty Fido

Positive, fun, and easy solutions for dogs that lunge, bark, or growl at other dogs while on walks.

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Good Citizen

Get your dog certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen by solidifying real-world obedience.

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Teach your dog to listen well around life's many distractions like humans and dogs!

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Prepare your dog for competing in Rally Obedience, a fun heeling-based sport.

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A great dog can start with a great foundation! Get your puppy started on the right paw.

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Scent training for family dogs, elite competition dogs, and dependable scent detection dog.

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Barn Hunt

Satisfy your dog's prey drive by teaching them to hunt rats in tubes in an obstacle course made of hay!

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  • Janee came to our house to work with our very skittish doggy Rusty.

    No matter how much we tried, we could not get him to warm up to anyone, and had to put him in another room, listening to him growl and bark.

    The first evening Janee came to us, she had Rusty playing with her in the first ten minutes!

    Janee continued to work with him over the last month, and already we have been able to let him greet our guests without worry!

    Janee’ s knowledge of how to work with a boy like Rusty is amazing, and we plan on having her take him even farther in his training. Best trainer!

  • We completed Janee’s ‘introduction sent work’ class with our 8 month old pup and can’t recommend it enough.

    Classwork was fun, engaging, stimulating and structured and delivered really well.

    Class size was small, unlike many other training courses out there, which gave each dog and handler plenty opportunity to learn and advance quickly.

    With winter weather limiting outdoor exercise for active dogs, this class and everything we have learned in it, has helped us keep our pup occupied and happy being indoors!

  • We just finished our first nosework class with Janee and she was so great.

    She did a fantastic job helping members of the class problem solve with their dogs.

    This was a super fun class, and the training process was presented in a simple, step-by-step way that beginners will appreciate, but the progressiveness of the tasks is challenging enough for more experienced trainers.

  • We worked with Janee for 4 very good sessions with our Sheltie puppy. She was phenomenal what she taught us and our puppy.

    Her suggestions about specific techniques worked perfectly, and her objectivity helped us with proper and successful training.

    She is also the ultimate professional. I would recommend her to anyone needing dog training/consultation without hesitation.

What Will My Experience with Boise Dog Sports Be Like?

getting professional help for your dog makes a world of difference

We understand that you want what’s best for your dog, and we want to help you help your dog. That means no uncomfortable training techniques and no put-downs or judgement.


Our variety of private and class options means you’ll be able to find a price and schedule that works for you.


All of our training is made to be fun and easy. Even when we’re working on tough behavior challenges, training is fun, engaging, and based on your dog’s motivation!


You are not a failure if you admit you need help with your rambunctious, rude, shy, or wiz kid dog. That’s our job! We tailor our training to suit every personality!