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Our Yellow Lab Shellbea, became so excited to go anywhere in the car, or worse yet, to the vet that we weren’t comfortable bringing her into the vet’s office to wait for treatment. She would cause such a ruckus. We contacted Janee, of “Boise Dog Sports”, to see if she could help us with Shellbea’s lack of self-control. After only two sessions with Janee and following her guidance, Shellbea’s self-control is much improved. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are progressing every day. Janee creates a win-win training environment, making learning fun for a dog and owner.

We had the best experience with Janee. She gave us really valuable advice and guidance with our 2 year old dog, Bandito. We were having problems with Bandito lunge barking at people and other dogs. It was getting more difficult taking him to public places, even on walks to the beach. He is a large pitbull, lab, shepard mix and he can easily scare or intimidate people without barking so it was time to get outside help. We noticed a difference in just a week with the help of Janee’s training tips. We had four sessions with her and since the first one we havn’t had any bad experiences. She has given us valuable skills that Bandito has positively responded to, making us all eager to go on walks again. Bandito is doing really good and our confidence level with him has increased significantly. Janee was exactly what we needed! April J.

With your recommendations, Duke’s behavior is improving tremendously. We are happy! Nancy T.

Janee is wonderful with animals. You could instantly see the connection she has with them. We are so happy with our newly well-behaved Bentley! Shirali & Anton J.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Janee at my vet’s office where she worked as a vet tech. Janee has an amazing presence and energy around animals that is noticeable immediately. It is obvious that working around animals is truly her life purposes and that she is able to communicate and connect with animals in a loving and positive way. I don’t have any human children, and I consider animals family, so it was very important to me to find the perfect person to watch over my fur baby!

When I got my Golden Retriever puppy, I knew that Janee would be the perfect puppy sitter and trainer. Janee has been working with him since he was seven weeks old (he is now seven months). Janee’s positive reinforcement training has tremendously helped with his development. He has more confidence, listens well, and loves to learn new things. Janee is also very responsible and trustworthy, so I know he is always in good hands. Lisa C.

Working with Janee has been an absolute pleasure. Our dog was adopted at an older age and can be very nippy, but Janee had no problem working with him and has been able to greatly improve his behavior. She not only works with our dog, she also works closely with my boyfriend and I and gave us many valuable tools, insights and resources to further his training. Her communication with us and our dog has been outstanding and she has really helped better his behavior. Christel G.

Our dog came to us as a rescue on the older side, and while he’s always been incredibly sweet to us, he had some issues showing that side to other folks. Through Janee’s training, he’s made excellent progress in just a couple of months. In addition to having learned a ton, it’s very clear that he enjoys the training immensely. Janee is a pleasure to work with for humans, too, and I’d recommend her to everybody! Lanier S.

Janee and I worked together when she was the Program Trainer for Unchained at Juvenile Hall. She is delightful to work with and really cares about the experience of her students and others around her. Combine that with her knowledge and experience training dogs and other animals and you have an amazing trainer! Katya N.

Thank you SO much for helping Sunny and me.

Your observations and suggestions of what to do and, most of all, what not to do have made a huge difference in Sunny’s behavior. Everyone has been commenting on her changes. It’s still hard to stop and think and not react to some of her behavior issues but I am working on it. You’ve given me a good “tool box” of things to do. Candice M.

Janee is a wonderful positive trainer. You can tell how much she cares about all her students. Laurie C.

Janee worked with me and my reactive dog for two years. Prior to working with Janee, Summer was reactive towards other dogs as well as towards people. She was extremely anxious and I was worried she would never overcome her anxiety. Working with Janee has given me the tools and techniques to succeed with my dog, while remaining compassionate to her needs. I can now take Summer with me to various places and no longer have to worry about her reacting. Kimberly S.